Wholesale Diamonds

worn engagement ring

“90,000” cheap wholesale diamonds to sell…………………from my basement!!??

This kind of paper pushing and “diamond prostitution” has resulted in many diamond e-tailers closing their doors, selling their companies to a diamond wholesaler, or going bankrupt entirely.

The reason for this is that as internet shoppers become more and more savvy, it is imperative that the diamond seller be able to add real value to the diamond purchase (ie: actual reports and photos of each and every diamond) in order to satisfy a customers request for this information.

If all the diamond vendor knows how to do is “push paper” on a virtual diamond listing he has previously uploaded from a diamond wholesaler, (while he is actually operating a computer from his basement in his pajamas….) he will ultimately have only one item left to compete with; his final price.

He will bring the price down as much as is required to make the sale so that the customer not be bothered with “trivial matters” like getting comprehensive information on the diamond they are contemplating…..

Even with this “edge” most internet shoppers will opt to work instead with a jeweler who can combine lowest price with comprehensive diamond information.

Bottom line is; don’t be ashamed to ask for and indeed demand, actual and comprehensive information, including actual photos, Ideal Scope photos, BrillianceScope results, Sarin/MegaScope diamond analyses, hearts & arrows photos, full scans of the diamond certification, etc.

This is an expensive purchase, not unlike purchasing a home and you therefore have a right to expect real data and information before you spend your hard earned money.
Knowledge is the power to buy informed!