Average Cost of an Engagement Ring

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Following are a few variants, considering which might help you figure out the right price brackets for the kind of ring you want for your D-day:

Market surveys reveal that the average price of an engagement ring lies between 4000 to 12000 SGD. A groom is generally expected to spend his 2 to 3 months salary on the engagement ring.

This is based on the surveys conducted to analyse the market trends and the mentality of the buyers. But it has also been observed that this is not the rule of thumb for many. Not one but many decide to break the rule and buy rings lower than or higher than their 3 months’ salary.

Average Diamond Prices

The cost for the engagement ring includes the price for the diamond, the setting price and the price (as per weight) for the gold or platinum used in the ring plus taxes. First of all, let us have a look at the average prices of this beautiful stone. The 4 Cs (carat, cut, clarity and color) define a diamonds quality and price. Here’s a tutorial to help you understand the costs of diamonds and see if you are overpaying

You get an option to adjust these 4 Cs and thus pay more or less for the diamond you select. This means you can get a larger diamond by paying less or smaller diamond by paying more. You just need to make sure to stick to certain standards and certifications so as to make sure you get a true diamond with the sparkling lustre and shinning beauty. These criteria and weight selection of the diamond will be illustrated in the following articles.

A Personal Decision

Spending a huge amount for the ring is not necessary to demonstrate your love. Always keep in mind to select a ring which you think would most suit your darling and your pocket at the same time. Always remember like no humans are exactly the same, no two diamonds are alike.

Whichever piece you buy would be the only one sold to you and no one else would be getting an exactly same stone. The above information must have comforted you with the idea of deciding and sticking to your suitable budget till now. Let us now consider the various diamond settings available and how to select one.