A Diamond is Forever

yellow gold diamond ring

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We are proud retailers of the following diamond brands:

Hearts on Fire Diamonds

hearts on fire

This unique diamond cut is unlike other square cuts. It is a beautiful “hall of mirrors,” allowing more light to be refracted inside the diamond. That means, the diamond will often sparkle and look bigger than most other diamonds.

Have the person first sit down, and give her hearts on fire diamonds with a personal laser etched message. The message is a token of love as well as ensure that your diamond doesn’t get lost at the jewelers.

If you are interested for more details, Beyond4cs.com has written a comprehensive review of Hearts on Fire where you can see comparisons being made between generic diamonds found in the market.

Helzberg Diamonds

When you marry, you do so with the intent that it will last- and your diamond ring should reflect that. Helzburg Diamonds believe in giving you a ring that is just as meaningful as your marital decision. Upheld for their good rapport with customers, Helzberg Diamonds boasts a large selection of diamonds wedding rings, engagement rings, and other bridal jewelry to choose from.

With Helzberg, you can be sure that your purchase will last a lifetime. That’s why Helzberg guarantees free diamond replacements if lost or damaged due to faulty mounting and craftsmanship.

Plus, for the extremely cautious (or paranoid)- customers may have their diamond ring inspected and cleaned free of charge once every 6 months. With so many extra perks for their customers, no wonder why Helzberg Diamonds is one of the most popular diamond jewelry stores available.

De Beers Diamonds

debeers enagagement rings

De Beers Diamonds have not only been at the forefront of the diamond industry since the late 1800s, but have largely controlled much of the diamond market since. Purchasing diamond mines throughout Africa, India, and South America, De Beers Diamonds was able to influence diamond prices by regulating how many diamonds were available on the market. Through adjusting how many diamonds are released to jewelers to be sold to consumers, De Beers was able to continuously maintain a demand for the stones.

DeBeers is also credited with the introduction of the 4Cs. At the time, both De Beers and consumers wanted to create standard criteria from which all diamonds can be judged- establishing an accurate price for each stone. The 4 Cs enabled consumers to evaluate diamond quality based on the cut, carat, color, and clarity of a diamond.

In 1947, Francis Gerety created the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever”. An immediate success, the slogan was voted advertising slogan of the century in 1999 by Advertising Magazine. In 2002, De Beers partnered with LVMH Moet Hennessy to create De Beers LV. This partnership has grown to include 3 stores in Tokyo and a central office in London dedicated to creating the finest jewelry in the diamond industry.